Politics of Writing

A poem by: Henny Daniels  5/11/2018

I’m far from new to this,

But most think I should turn back and not go through with it.

Their idea of me is tainted by socially constructed images created by

Not following the already beaten path of success.

In my mind, I compete with the best.

But I have to struggle, create, advertise, remake…

Had I not used the word “never”…

If my synonyms were more clever.

No, it’s not my writing; it’s me.

I do not desire to be who they want.

No iPhone; I don’t front.

Or Face the time.

I just put my head down and create mine.

My own worlds that are forgiving:

Where Trayvon is somewhere living.

Where I’m allowed to redo the beginning

Where there are infinite satisfactory endings

But the same intended destination..

The place where I can be loved for my plot twists and not looked down on for my hesitation.

There I’m winning for simply being me: no significant related experience, no popular vote, no degree.

But here where politics matter, I am not the POTUS; I am only me. 😔

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