Ok, moment of truth! I guess there’s no turning back now. Mariah sat in the driver seat of a rented Nissan Versa, pondering her next move. For the past two months, she and her friend, Star, had been participating in a nightly surveillance operation at Shands hospital in Jacksonville, FL. Due to a recent change in their work schedules, adjustments had been made to their investigation strategy.

Each night Mariah would intently watch one of the main suspects from afar as he worked, and then discreetly track his movements after clocking out and leaving the premises. Usually, Star was nearby, staking out the exits– waiting for an appearance from the mysterious delivery driver (of deceased, falsely identified bodies). But for some reason, ever since Star had borne witness to the previous dark transaction, there were no additional deliveries made. Her new job had also begun to request her services at peak surveillance hours. So lately, she wasn’t able to participate as much.

Tonight, Mariah was once again on her own, and much to her dismay the unknown criminal ring had resumed procedure.  At any moment– Mariah assumed– the van would be headed back to their headquarters, where the majority of the heinous crimes were occurring.

After frantically calling Star several times to no response, Mariah gathered her courage and prepared to trail the van in stealth; she had no clue of what to do after they arrived to the destination, but was now depleted of time to consider her options. The van cranked up and began moving toward the closest exit.

Here we go…


An elderly gentleman lay on his back, covered in wrinkles and wispy white hair– he raised his torso with a grunt in preparation for the nurse who proceeded to remove excrement from his genitalia and rear end, then replaced his adult diaper. Though he was almost 80 years old, the sight of Star’s rotund backside still provided his weathered manhood a flutter of excitement.

“Awww! C’mon Larry! You better stop being fresh– now I done told you about that!”

“What? You know I can’t help it young lady– nobody told you to bring all that booty in here with you to clean me up. Back in the day, I was a butt man’!”

Immediately Star’s discomfort emerged to new heights. Rolling her eyes in disgust, she ignored Larry’s naughty chatter and finished fastening his fresh depend briefs. “Alright, all set you old perv. Now I gotta go take a break and try to forget what I just saw.”

Giggling at her displeasure he slyly retorted, “Ok, just make sure you take your time leaving! Oh, and I think I dropped my pen and it rolled over there in-front the door. Squat down there and take a look for me, would ya?”

“Ewww! Bye Larry!” Star hustled past him and out of the room, guarding her bottom with both hands. Though she didn’t mind working at a retirement facility again, Star was really beginning to miss her old position at the hospital. Sometimes she fervently wished that she had never uncovered the macabre truth that rainy night.

As she gathered her belongings, Star noticed that her phone was illuminated with several new notifications, all of which appeared to be from Mariah (her sidekick in the investigation). Instead of checking them promptly, Star waited until she was clocked-out for lunch and sitting in her car– bracing herself for the apparent urgent news.

Once finished reviewing the voicemail and text messages Star’s adrenaline began to pump full throttle. It was time for action! Without even first returning inside to inform her employer of the change of plans, Star engaged her ignition and headed home in a flash; there, she planned to pick up her sound recording equipment and tripod for her phone. Finally, we got something!

Approaching her residential building, Star was slightly confused at the impromptu vehicle that was parked in her usual space– directly in front of her door. “Who is this in my spot? It clearly says ‘reserved for residents only’. Can’t stand these new people and their visitors– can’t even read!”

With much exasperation, Star parked across the lot and marched up to the newer-looking vehicle with steam wafting from her nostrils. She circled the car, searching for a hint of who it could belong to. As she made her way to the front end, she noticed that it had suffered major damage. Both the fender and hood were stained with what appeared to be blood. A discolored piece of writing paper was folded beneath one of the wiper blades, and as Star reached for it, she noticed a person sitting in the driver seat as still as a statue.

“What in the world?” Star approached the door and tapped firmly on the window. “Hey, wake up! This is my parking spot; you gotta move!” No reactive movement. Now Star was livid. “WAKE UP AND MOVE THE HELL UP OUT OF MY SPOT!” she tried the handle and stumbled backward when it easily opened. “AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!”

The person inside slumped over and out onto the ground with an eerie thud. It was Chucky, and after getting a better look at him, Star could tell he was dead. All she could do was wail out of shock and confusion. Then, her attention returned to the piece of paper that was left on the windshield; it was a note.


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