Not My Baby Part 7 by: Henny Daniels

Being held somewhere against your will is not only frightening, but it’s depressing too. You begin rethinking your entire life, attempting to retrace the steps and decisions that brought you to the point of unwilling restraint. All of a sudden those plans you had don’t seem as exciting nor important, and you can hear your parents’ voices warning you of this very situation; the tears filling your eyes sting like their reprimand would, had they been granted the opportunity to hear what you were up to beforehand. Why is it that we always want to listen to our parents after we get ourselves into deep trouble?
I knew better! Why didn’t I think this through? Mariah stood in a pitch-black room that was about the size of a linen closet. Much to her dismay, she had been chosen out of the bunch for who-knows-what and now she was diffidently awaiting her sure demise. We should have just called the police; that’s probably what my Dad would have told me to do instead of playing captain-save-a . . .
The piercing sound of a heavy door slamming nearby snapped Mariah out of her regret-filled thoughts. It was time. Based on the mannerisms and reactions of the other girls who had already survived a few rounds of picking, Mariah was certain that she would never leave this building again; not alive anyway.
Before she had been blindfolded and shoved into this holding room, an unsavory gentleman cut her hands free and then ruthlessly dragged her through the dimly lit room of malodorous young captives. Once past the threshold of an adjacent room, the man forced her to stand and a huge bright spotlight was turned on directly in Mariah’s face, blinding her; she finally screamed and wailed out of shock, releasing most of the terror that had been brewing since she came to only a few minutes prior. The light was turned off and then a series of flashes proceeded; it sounded like someone was taking pictures of her. When attempting to get a view of her kidnapper, the flashes disrupted her pursuit; she couldn’t see anything besides large white circles whether her eyes were opened or shut tightly.
The clicks and flashes stopped after a few seconds — though Mariah was still unable to see, she felt her shirt being forced over her head and then the rest of her clothes were torn off as well. Instantly, she clawed at the body closest to her—biting, kicking and elbow-slinging were all added to her defense strategy. She caught someone in the mouth with a sharp bow and felt power instead of pain. Maybe she could actually escape before they began the torture games—or whatever it was that kidnappers do to innocent young girls.
“We got us a feisty one here Frank! Hurry up and get the nudes! We’ll throw her in the solo-cell and wait for one of the bosses to tell us what to do with her.”
“Alright Tony, get her to be still then!”
“NEVER!!!!” Mariah screamed while spinning and flailing her every limb in a continued fierce defense. But the sound of a large gun cocking stopped her dead in her tracks. As soon as she was regaining clarity of sight, the flashes ensued once again. Tears of defeat were absorbed by the blindfold as then men roughly escorted her to a cell.
I wish I could call my Dad! Why was I so mean to him before? And my baby— she sobbed as loudly as she was just screaming. I’ll never get to kiss those round little cheeks again. Why Lord? Why me? You said you would never leave me! Where are you now?



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