Not My Baby Part 10 by Henny Daniels


“MOMMY!!!! I WANT MY MOMMY!!!!!!!!” Selah sat in the back of a large white van next to her sister, Bella, screaming uncontrollably. Streams of sweat burned her eyes, yet she still managed to fight back tears; she knew her mother would want her to stay strong during this arduous situation– no time to cry. “AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! SOMEBODY HELLLLLLPPPPP!!!!!!!”


Beside her, Bella slowly awoke from a drug-induced slumber due to her sister’s deafening screams. Sitting back-to-back with their hands bound together behind them by zip ties, only Bella still had a gag tied around her mouth; Selah had managed to shimmy hers off by using a shoulder for traction and was now taking full advantage of her newly acquired ability to call for help. She figured someone had to hear her and report the vehicle.


As Bella’s understanding surfaced, she quickly pushed off her gag as well and then nudged her sister with a stiff shoulder, “Shut up girl, are you crazy!? They’ll kill us if you don’t!”


Selah rolled her eyes out of disgust. “It’s about time you woke up big head, and what are you talking about? How else are we gonna get help? Mommy said if somebody ever grabbed us, we’re supposed to fight and scream ’til the end!”


Sorrow emerged without warning. Bella didn’t think her mom would even react if she’d known what was going on right now. She don’t even care about us anymore. “Yeah, whatever. Do what you want then. We’re probably gonna die no matter what; I guess it don’t matter when.”


“Are you kidding me?” Selah could not fathom why her sister just woke up and had already given in. “I’m not going anywhere! But you will if you keep acting like that!”


The van stopped abruptly– seconds later doors could be heard opening and shutting along with the voices of at least two different men.


“You didn’t do what you were supposed to man! What if somebody heard that!”
“I told you already; I did put the gags on; they must’ve broken free back there or something.” The volume of the conversation was steadily increasing as they approached the rear double doors.


“Open it up slow; we can’t risk them getting away. That would be our heads, dude.”


Now Selah was frightened beyond belief; what if her sister was right, and the plan was to kill them for her stunt?


As soon as a sliver of light illuminated the small space, Selah proceeded to scream at the top of her lungs as one last attempt before meeting their potentially fatal punishment.


Growing irritated with plan deviations, the man who seemed to be in charge rushed inside the back cab and gave both girls a swift knock out blow, silencing Selah in a matter of seconds. He turned back, facing his comrade, “Problem solved, now let’s get out of here before someone reports it. Can’t afford to mess this one up; these two are for organs.”




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