Not My Baby Part 11 by: Henny Daniels


After thoroughly surveying the outside surroundings via every window in the house while on her hands and knees, Star made a monumental decision— she would simply wait. There was no one inside the house with her and about five men posted up with automatic weapons waiting for her to exit the building— she presumed so they could shoot on sight as was the protocol for her freshly deceased cousin who remained on her own lawn, staining the terrain with innocent blood. 

Figuring these men were very powerful and had police connections, she called every police station she could find on google and reported the shooting. Someone would arrive eventually ; after Star didn’t cooperate and exit the house, the men had begun firing rounds aimlessly in hopes of blindly completing the kill mission.

She sat inside the bathtub with the door closed and locked, picking bantam shards of glass from her bloody thighs. It was nearly impossible to think of anything besides the murder she had witnessed and the potential malevolent acts that were most likely being performed on her daughters.

How in the world did I get here? Is this finally Karma catching up to me—all those robberies and bodies that were on my hands?  Is it too late for me to feel bad about that? God is it too late for forgiveness?

A bullet penetrated the door and then hit the porcelain enameled steel that protected her. Immediately, she reclined— tears now slowly accumulating inside the tub.

OK God, I know I only talk to you when I’m in trouble, and I may have cursed you a few times in life. But— two additional bullets made their way inside. She cried aloud, “Please God! I’m sorry! Please forgive me for the stealing, cheating, and killing!” 

She lowered her voice and continued to speak in between sobs. “Please forgive me for hurting your people— I won’t do it ever again if I make it outta here. Please forgive me Lord. For every wicked thing I did. I can’t even remember all if it. But you can.”

It sounded as if each man outside was unloading every bullet they had in one last desperate attempt. Chunks of white-painted wood from the door flew in each direction, much of it landing on Star— further startling her, but not interrupting her fervent plea of forgiveness. 

After avidly making promises of change, she began praying more intently that the men would leave her and her daughters alone. She prayed, cried and screamed for what seemed like forever, until suddenly the bullets stopped.

Car doors slammed, followed by engines revving and the fleet of vehicles speeding off. Amidst the commotion, Star could hear the faint sound of sirens drawing nearer. She spun over and perched up on her knees with her head down, now crying uncontrollably. “Thank you God! Thank you! I promise I will keep my word— I won’t let you down this time. Now please God, PLEASE save my babies!”


Mariah stood in a dark room, shaking uncontrollably— she was failing at resisting the fierce lull of fear. For a moment previously, she thought she was pretty tough. Now, all of that confidence had dwindled away as she awaited the repercussions of her failed escape attempt. Surely they would kill her. She kept thinking of her daughter, Mia, and how she would be forced to grow up without her. Hopefully she can make her way back up north and find her dad.

Her thoughts were broken by a door opening and slamming in the distance. Quick, heavy footsteps approached her cell. Then, she saw light beam through her blindfold. She rose along with her fists, and prepared for one last fight. If they were going to kill her, it would definitely be a challenge, because she wasn’t giving up until every ounce of breath evacuated her lungs.

“Put your hands down girl. You’re safe now.” The sound of the voice nearly knocked Mariah off of her feet. The moment it had reached her ears, she felt weight rise from her back and a strong tingle ripple through her entire body. Warmth filled inside her, replacing the space that fear and panic had just occupied. 

Keys jingled and then opened the cell door. The man who owned the voice of comfort snatched off her blindfold and then aggressively embraced her before she could even get a good look at him.

“DADDY!!! How did you— what are you doing here?!” 

Tears overwhelmed them both. “No, what the hell are you doing here?” He laughed as he pushed Mariah’s ragged hair from her face, still holding her with his other arm. “Don’t worry baby girl; I’m going to get you out of here— if it’s the last thing I do!”


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