Changes Part 4 by: Henny Daniels


Frankly, the best part about budding romance is the newness of it. Getting to know the other person and finding ways to make them smile rivals the feeling of an early birthday gift or new car. Beginnings are filled with thoughtful compliments and going out of your way to ensure the other person is pleased in every way; they are all about hiking that extra mile just to upkeep an image of perfection and resounding satisfaction. 

I love new love— whether it be witnessing it or feeling it, the process is powerful enough to be medicinal. It can cure depression and restore stolen peace; the memories of it alone are enough to reunite separated hearts and administer much needed forgiveness. Why does it ever seem to expire— better yet, why does the motivation to please and impress slowly falter away?

Darius and I will NEVER reach that point; I can’t imagine. I’ve never felt this way about anyone before. Granted, I’m still pretty young, but I’ve had my share of interactions and experiences— enough to know this is real. How could I allow it to fail after I’ve already fought so hard just to get him?

After he left me hanging in the CAF to talk to his girlfriend, I was thrown off but not in the least bit discouraged. 

He texted me soon after his phone conversation with a cute apology and plea of forgiveness. That’s when I knew I had him.

Me: So why wouldn’t you tell me you were in a relationship? You know… like in the beginning of the convo!?

Him: I didn’t think it mattered. It wasn’t like I was trying to holla or anything. You were intriguing and I wanted to know more about you. Do you forgive me?

Me: I mean, I guess. We might have to change that tho 😏

Him: Good, I feel better now. And change what?

Me: That relationship status!! 

There was no holding back for me. I had to let him know my intentions upfront with no filter, and I think he ended up falling for me because of it. Poor girl was demoted to ex-girlfriend within two weeks. 

Our love developed quickly yet powerfully with no limitations. He lived in Palmetto South— an on-campus apartment that was considerably better than my raggedy dorm. I started off visiting on the regular, and then next thing you know, I was basically moved in! His roommates accepted me as a new addition with no resistance fairly soon as well.

One night we all decided to go out together and somehow ended up at a club we weren’t old enough to attend. Rollo—who stayed across from us— insisted that he could get us in; he had connections. 

As we approached the front of the line, dirty looks from many jealous faces clashed with my peaceful vibe. Being the only girl in the group and not having to wait in a line that spiraled deep into the parking lot must have rubbed some the wrong way. Many of those mugs looked too old to be there in the first place— but that’s none of my business. At that point, I remember wishing my girls were there, but Jaeda and Clarke rarely went out with me, or out together for that matter. Normally, we made solo appearances.   

Taking those glares as indirect compliments, I strolled right along without engaging eye contact. The bouncer did not hesitate to let us in as I led the pack, and before entering I shot some of those who held their rude stares a smile and wink of satisfaction. It was epic! Not to mention, a first since I hadn’t previously considered that entering a club without being of age was possible.

We were inside for maybe fifteen minutes before I had to go back out for fresh air— the party was so thick and hot that I needed a break. Darius wanted to come with me, but I told him that I wouldn’t be long. Plus, he was having such a good time— I didn’t want to change that; the separation would only be for a minute. At least that’s what I thought …


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