Art by Cali Cole

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Someone once told me that in their opinion, people don’t change; they may go through different experiences and learn new lessons, but in the end they are the same person.

This may be true of worldly people driven by money, success and peer recognition. Because their heart never changes as it desires fleshly things and continues to strive for a token of satisfaction that is always extending beyond possible reach.

But for someone who God has chosen for His Kingdom, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Once you truly accept Jesus and the invitation of eternal life, the person you once were actually dies; you become a new being in Christ entirely. Of course, there are processes involved to endure refining and keeping the old version of you buried— not much visually happens immediately as this society so seeks (instant gratification).

However, your change is ever-occurring. There’s satisfaction and progression with each moment you commit to live in the spirit— choosing to edify (build up) your spirit verses your flesh.

The flesh desires to feel good— a full belly, attention, passionate love regardless of who it effects, an altered state of mind or high/buzz, to release anger as it comes with little to no control, approval from others, to be viewed as successful and having everything others want, etc.

But the spirit is in direct opposition of the flesh. Your spirit desires what can’t be seen by the eye because it operates in a realm that your physical body cannot comprehend. Your spirit needs lessons from adversity to grow and gets filled by the word of God. Your spirit desires love and attention from the Creator of it— which to recognize requires alone time with Him (who is spirit).

Your spirit has to be renewed— cleansed of the corrupted way of thinking from growing up in this world—in order to clearly receive all it needs from the Father. This part is not easy and is where most give up.

But surrendering pride, materialism, comparison, greed, trauma— and everything else we’re taught from birth—each day means you can’t possibly be the same person you once were.

If only you really knew… my prayer is that everyone that comes across these words experiences being spiritually made new in Christ; it’s an ongoing journey, but nothing like this hamster-wheel-way-of-life we’ve been programmed to embrace.

Don’t wait any longer, CHASE God now— forget the bag!

I love you ♥️

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