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The battle is so very real despite being unseen. Every appeal to the eye and the flesh is just an illusion—a distraction from the internal warfare that is just beneath the surface.

In a way, he can hear your thoughts, just as you suspect—he’s not that romantic. His spirit is working with a legion of many who have already reported back vital information about you:

That spot you love kissed, that spiritual breakthrough you just had, that deep desire you have always craved—they are all used against you.

When will you finally learn? Pay attention to the Word in front of you—the pages alive are before your very eyes.

They want so bad for you to forget, to not believe, to regret your decision of being free. THEY ARE NOT FROM ME! You don’t have to worry about my soldiers—you know who they are: they live the Word of God, right in front of you and from afar.

They don’t doubt me, they can hear me, they are led by me and never forget me. They love you enough to wait. They have interest in your soul’s fate. These other ones just want to play, waste your time, and string you in sin until it is just—too late.

You hold the light within you, don’t ever let it go. Be the light which shines through you from above to illuminate the world and bring glory to God.

See, every time you hear me, here he comes. No matter who HE is. One day he is the love of your life, and the next day that same man looks like a beast—he has been exposed; they always get exposed. Once they do, they are aware of your knowledge and play the game even craftier from then on. Be on guard, stay sober and aware, take on your armor, and when need be retreat—to Me.

— Your Fortress ♥️

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