Art by Cali Cole

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What I’m about to tell you will save you time and money if you want to stop smoking/drinking. Also, if you’re considering going to rehab, buying patches, or any other products or services on the market to help you quit.

While these options may be beneficial for some, they are not guaranteed to be worth the investment. However, imagine a remedy that would not only take away your urges, but also change your life.

Why stop at drinking and smoking? This solution would stop whatever other bad habits you desire to break as well (rage, fear, self-hate, covetousness, envy, jealousy, maliciousness, the list goes on).

I know you’re probably thinking, “Yeah right, all of that would take a miracle.” Or, “There’s nothing I could buy to remove all of that from my life.” And you’re absolutely right!

We so happen to be created by the One who provides miracles like an Amazon factory, and already paid the cost to do it! Best part, Jesus has been patiently waiting to heal you the entire time you were wrapped up in it.

When the sting that came with repeatedly grieving God became too much to handle, I cried out to the Lord and prayed He’d take away my cravings. Not only did He do it, but he separated me from everyone and every place that triggered those cravings as well.

Relationships began to fail, and events took place that shook up my life— forcibly removing what I struggled to let go of on my own.

So what is the first step? Making Jesus the Lord and savior of your life. But not just saying the words— actually doing it! Love him by learning his ways; attempt to get close to him. The closer you get, the less you can stand the things about yourself that keep you separated from him and the more you understand how much you need his healing and deliverance.

God is real! And he won’t be available to clean us up much longer. Repent (turn your heart away from sin) now while he is still available and patiently waiting before His grace and mercy runs out!

Jesus loves you ♥️

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