About Me

I go by the name of Henny Daniels (your favorite brown drinks); I identify myself as a strong black woman and child of God from Orlando, Florida. Growing up with my Dad as primary guardian, I moved around many times in life; I’ve lived in 4 states including Tennessee, New Jersey, and Texas—and even more cities. At every destination, I’ve learned a lot about people and different aspects of life, and I enjoy using my unique life experiences as inspiration in my writing.
Currently, I create during my free time— whatever is left between raising my children, hustling (legally), and my College courses. But, I don’t let anything stop me from doing and researching what I truly love. I’ve been interested in creative writing since a child and throughout my entire schooling so far. In high school, I was the Editor in Chief of my school magazine, and that’s where I discovered that I have a talent. Now, my focus is to network, create more pieces, and expand my hobby into a full-time career.
My genres vary slightly, but the common theme amongst them all is the beautiful people of color that I center my stories around. I am obsessed with everything Urban and in line with picking minorities up and moving us forward. My aim is to inspire change, evoke thought, and of course, shamelessly entertain. The short stories and excerpts featured are only the tip of an ethnically conscious iceberg. One of my favorite novels that I am working on (Karma) explores a world (or collection of worlds rather) where Black people find a way out of mental bondage and take back the world from those who stole it. It addresses many issues that our people struggle with today: mental illness, teenage parenting, abortion, politics, and more.
When it comes to drive and determination, I am full to the brim; so, look out for me, because one day you will KNOW my name!

Thank you for your support!

Henny Daniels

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