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God should be more than a bystander in your life— more than some mystical being that sits in the highest of heavens and watches you from afar— He can be an active participant; He will never leave you nor for sake you, but also being a gentleman won’t force his way or will on you.

So how do we invite him in?

Think about what you do when you meet a new love interest— how they can become the object of your attention and affection, and how quickly and significantly they become a priority in your life.

Make God your new boo! Prove that he is Lord with your actions and not just words. Wake up early with the intent to connect with God before checking your phone. Before eating breakfast, fill your spirit with the nourishment of his word.

Make a declaration before your day begins that you will seek Him throughout it and that his ways will be on your heart. Live with intention; live in love. What does that mean? Exercise humility.

For every interaction with one of God’s creations, reflect the importance you put on your own life on to someone else. Instead of looking at life as yours, look at it as your opportunity to serve. Seek ways to be kind and helpful, especially to that one or few people that rub you the wrong way. Loving your enemies means more than praying for them, but doing to and for them what you would like for yourself.

Just as you would reach out to your boo throughout the day, shoot God a text too! Every prayer doesn’t have to be lengthy and complex. But connection requires effort in consistency.

Before you go to bed, before you plug up your phone— plug into God. Talk to Him about where you fell short, ask Him for wisdom and strength to overcome the areas of transformation that are the most difficult. But also, pray for others!

One of the hardest mindsets to leave behind is that my life is all about me. My life belongs to God, and the moment I stopped living for me and my desires and acknowledged that God made me for his own purpose is when I opened the door for God to come in and make me new.


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