Art by Cali Cole

Press play for audio-read-along

Father God, I thank you for life. Thank you for a new day and the fresh favor, grace and blessings intricately woven within it. Please help us to let go of unforgiveness so we can freely receive your forgiveness as needed.

I come to you now on behalf of the beautiful soul listening to or reading these words now. Someone who made an effort to seek you by clicking on this post. Lord please give them a fresh anointing, fill them up with your word and spirit. Help navigate them on this narrow path of living a life aligned with your will. Show them how you see them and how much you love them.

I declare and release godly wisdom to begin to bubble over inside of them like a spring; revelation of the barriers that have developed between heavenly Father and child along with instructions on how and when to connect with you so that you can remove those barriers.

Remove any oppressing spirits from their atmospheres Lord and replace them with your love, joy, rest and peace. Ignite a fire within them to seek You and your righteousness first, so you can bless them with everything they need in the physical and spiritual. Lastly, I request that they develop a habit of reading your word daily and then applying those lessons to their lives along with a good shepherd (pastor/teacher) to help them with any questions they have in that process.

I thank you Lord because I know this prayer is answered even now, and seeds of righteousness and holiness are being planted and watered by your Holy Spirit. There is no one like you, and no artificially fabricated god that can save souls and change lives like the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

I love you and I praise you in Jesus name,

Amen ♥️

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